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How to install Grim

Minimal platform

Recommended platform

It is not possible to use Microsoft's Java which is included in Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using Mac OS X, you might have to upgrade it, to get the latest version of Java Runtime Enviroment, which is included in Mac OS X. Grim works very well on Mac OS X.

First step

Save the file grim.jnlp on your computer, for instance on your Desktop.

Second step

Click on the file grim.jnlp and Java Web Start starts.

Java Web Start downloads and installs Grim on your computer. All files are installed in a special folder for web applications written in Java.

Third step

A security warning. Grim needs some of your computer's system resources, for instance to save and load files from your harddisk, and to communicate with the servers at KTH Nada. If you want to use Grim you have to accept this.

Fourth step

Desktop integration. If you want a shortcut to Grim on your desktop you should answer yes.

Fifth step

The web application has been started and is ready for use. It is possible to change the user interface language in Grim. Under the "Arkiv" menu in the upper left corner of Grim, choose "Inställningar" (Preferences), and then change Språk (Language) to English.

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Last changed: 10th April 2006
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