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Grim - a language learning environment for writers of Swedish

Grim is a language learning environment with several important tools for language exploration. The main ideas are to give the learners feedback on form, and to provide the learners with powerful tools for language exploration of their interlanguage and the target language Swedish. Important tools in Grim are: The grammar checker Granska, surface syntactic analysis with the parser GTA, word inflection, the dictionary Lexin, and concordances in the Parole corpus.

Grim is developed in the project The use of language tools for writers in the context of learning Swedish as a second language, which is a cooperation between Nada at KTH and the department of Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University and KTH. It is funded 2003-2005 by The Swedish research council (VR).

Grim is implemented in Java, and works with Java Runtime Environment (1.4.1 or later). Grim has been tested with good results under the following operating systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS X, Unix (Solaris), Linux, and FreeBSD.

How to install Grim

More information on how to install Grim is presented here.

Integrated language tools in Grim

Grim is a client containing a basic word processor and several user interfaces to advanced language tools running on servers at KTH Nada. Every paragraph is sent to KTH Nada for different language analysis. Broadband is preferable when using Grim.

Grammar checking with Granska

Grammatical analysis

Word inflection and concordances

The user can make concordances in the Parole corpus containing about 20 million words. Parole comes from Språkdata at Göteborgs universitet.

The dictionary Lexin

A tool for the creation of fill in exercices

In Grim, you can search and replace word classes.

Text summarization with SweSum

English as the user interface language in Grim

It is possible to change the user interface language in Grim. Under the "Arkiv" menu in the upper left corner of Grim, choose "Inställningar" (Preferences), and then change "Språk" (Language) to English.

Grim Forum

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